You Can Get A Succulent Plant That Looks Like Tiny Hearts and I Love It

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You can get these succulent plants that look like little hearts, and *Squee*!

Courtesy of special_plants_world on Instagram

Is anyone else obsessed with succulent plants?

Courtesy of special_plants_world on Instagram

OMG — they are so cute! They remind me of summers, when I was growing up in Southern California. I just love them.

Courtesy of special_plants_world on Instagram

THIS amazing miniature succulent is called the Conophytum Bilobum Plant, and it is a rare Korean succulent. Do you see the hearts? Gah!


This succulent is normally a green plant with a red or purplish lining, but it can also have a blue tinge, or even be a brownish rust color.


It usually flowers in the fall, like around October or November, and it can have a whole rainbow of colorful flowers.


According to World of Succulents, some of the flowers are even scented!

Courtesy of exotic_plants

These plants are easy to care for! You just keep them in indirect sunlight — like a window — and water them once a week to once every three weeks.


During active growth, if leaves start to retract into soil or wrinkle, it needs watering.

World of Succulents

Now, these plants tend to go dormant in the hotter months, and then actively grow when it gets cool. I’m kind of the same, AMIRITE?!?


You can grow this plant from seeds you get straight from the Amazon website.

Courtesy of Amazon

If you prefer to purchase a plant that has already sprouted and grown, you can get this 3 inch Conophytum right off Etsy.

Courtesy of SucculentsFarm on Etsy

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  1. Where can I get a sample or buy this beautiful heart cactus. So pretty

  2. Have just started growing succulents. Love them!!

    1. I read here I can get free samples. Can u explain how?

  3. Awesome, I’m just now putting some around my home and these are precious! I will have to get some!

  4. Plants are awesome , especially in the home.

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