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Walmart is Selling a Toy Story 4 Carnival Gingerbread Kit

My Gingerbread House Village is going to be AWESOME this year! Look what we found at Walmart to go right at the center of all the gingerbread fun — a Toy Story 4 Gingerbread House!

Okay, so it’s not really a Gingerbread HOUSE, per se. It’s a Gingerbread CARNIVAL. Even better!! And the best news of all — THERE IS NO BAKING INVOLVED!

Celebrate this holiday with Buzz, Woody, and the rest of the gang with this deliciously decorative gingerbread kit!


The kit comes with all necessary ingredients and character figures to build your own masterpiece just like the movie!


Are you ready for this? IT’S TWO SIDED! *Girl Scream* How totally-cute is that?!? One side is the outside of the carnival. The other side is an arcade, complete with pictures of games and prizes.

This $15 kit even includes characters from Toy Story 4, that you can stand up to make your play scene complete. It wouldn’t be a Toy Story 4 Carnival without little Forky!

A super-fun feature of this kit, that is different from other Gingerbread Houses — this kit has an interactive website. You can take pictures of your Gingerbread Carnival, and submit it to “hang” on their virtual refrigerator. How fun!!

You can get your own Toy Story 4 Gingerbread Carnival HERE.

Then, head on over and check out the this Candy Land Gingerbread House. It will be in the Candy Cane Forest section of my Gingerbread town this year.