Trader Joe’s Has An Organic Watermelon Fruit Spread and I Need It

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When I think of summer flavors, Watermelon is at the top of my list! I mean what is more summery than that?

Trader Joe’s just kicked things up to another level! They have an organic watermelon fruit spread! It has me thinking of all sorts of ways I can use this.

Seeing this totally made my mouth start watering!

When I say I have ideas, I mean way beyond peanut butter and watermelon spread sandwiches. I’m thinking about summer treats!

I have a shaved ice machine, I imagine that this would be delicious over shaved ice! Or over a fruity sherbert? May be mixed into some summery drinks? How would you use it?

You can find this in your local Trader Joe’s stores once they reopen!

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  1. I tried this today, and it tasted remarkably like a Jolly Rancher. I can’t decide if that’s wonderful or terrible!