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TikTok Launches 10 Minute Videos But Is Anyone Going To Watch?

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I’m the first to admit that I’m addicted to TikTok!

I have met new friends, expanded my career, and have learned so much on that app!

It’s a one-stop-shop for learning new things, finding the most hilarious and talented people, watching live events without media bias… it’s amazing!

Some people are even making pretty good money by making content for TikTok.

Sure, there is an ugliness over there as well, but I’ve picked and chosen who to follow and the algorithm is pretty spot on when it comes to what TikTok shows me.

I get easily distracted, so I love the short TikTok posts, then they added in a 3 min option and I found myself tuning out on some of those longer videos.

TikTok creeping in on YouTube territory.

social media consultant Matt Navarra on Twitter

Today it looks like there is a brand new update and that is the option of a 10 minute TikTok video.

I sure like the 60 second or fewer video posts, but I do hate the multipart posts… “follow for part 2!”, so maybe it’s ok.

We’re always thinking about new ways to bring value to our community and enrich the TikTok experience. Last year, we introduced longer videos, giving our community more time to create and be entertained on TikTok. Today, we’re excited to start rolling out the ability to upload videos that are up to 10 minutes, which we hope would unleash even more creative possibilities for our creators around the world.

TikTok representative said in a statement

I love TikTok but I’m not quite sure I’ll be able to hang through a 10 minute TikTok video unless, of course, it’s really freaking good!

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