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The Hit Show ‘You’ Has Dropped A Major Hint For Season 3 And I’m Freaking Out

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The masterminds behind ‘You’ have just released a brand new image for the third season coming soon and it’s everything you could have expected and more.

Spoiler Alert: At the end of season 2 we see Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn moving into their new home together. Before Love blows Joe an air kiss goodbye to return to unpacking, we see a baby bump ultimately leaving fans of ‘You’ to think the happy couple is pregnant with their first child.

Well if you’re a fan of ‘You’, we all know Joe Goldberg doesn’t really have happy endings except for maybe major twists and turns into what he thinks is a happy ending am I right?


Joe is the definition of unpredictable and the new image released by the hit show is confusing yet predictable.


What’s not surprising about this image is the fairly large baby bottle filled with milk directly in the center of the image but what is surprising, is the puddle of blood the baby bottle is sitting in.


Towards the bottom of the image are also the words “Expecting a new baby” with the word BABY in bolded letters.


It’s predictable of Netflix to leave us on a cliffhanger before the new season even starts, but what’s unpredictable are Joe’s next steps and if we’re referring to the last episode of season 2, Joe is already interested in another women who happens to be his neighbor.


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