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JoJo Siwa Shut Down a Mean Mom With Just One Word and We Are Here For It

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I just want to scream – YOU GO GIRL!!

Seriously, I am loving the new JoJo. Not that I didn’t love her before but now I love her even more.

My daughter isn’t old enough to know or like JoJo Siwa yet but once she is, I’ll be proud to have my daughter like her.


Not only is JoJo is so fun, sweet and bubbly, but she handles the negativity so well and I love it.

She isn’t mean or nasty back, she just shuts down the comments and moves on with her life because she’s awesome like that.

She has recently proven that she is queen and is handling the negativity surrounding her announcement of coming out, like a boss.


Why do I say that? Because recently, a mom felt the need to comment on one of her videos saying:

“My daughter will never watch you again.”

Not only is that completely unnecessary but it’s also homophobic and just rude.

But don’t worry, JoJo had the perfect one word response. She replied saying:


BAM – Mic Drop!

I am sure that mom didn’t expect JoJo to respond like that. I mean, I am sure she thought JoJo would put up a fight.


But here’s the thing – JoJo has so many people who love and support her. She doesn’t need one homophobic mom.

Truthfully, I just feel bad for her daughter that she’s being raised like that – to think that love isn’t love because it is.

I am proud of JoJo and I am loving every second of her right now!!

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