I am OBSESSED With Target’s Halloween Succulents

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Anybody who knows me knows that I LOVE succulents. There’s just something about a big fat squishy plant that makes me SO HAPPY.

And if you feel the same way I do about a big juicy plant, then you have GOT to see Target’s Halloween Succulent Collection. (You can shop the whole collection right here.)

The way I see it, Seymour himself couldn’t make a better Halloween plant collection if he tried.

I am pretty sure if plants could talk we all know what this one would say. Am I right? (You can get it here.)

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There’s just something about a blue plant that makes me SO HAPPY. But a blue plant in cute little skull planter? You can’t beat that.

Target’s Ghoulish Garden collection includes super cute plants of all sizes. But I am OBSESSING over this full size fly trap!

And when I say full size, I don’t mean like little shop of horrors full size. Heh.

I am super into halloween stuff that is spooky, but not TOO spooky. I think cute halloween decorations are ALWAYS the best.

I have big plants to turn my front foyer into a Halloween green house of super cute goodies.

I mean, who wouldn’t want these little plants set up greeting them when they came inside.

I might just use this as my official Jack-O-Lantern this year.

Yeah, I am probably going to need ALL OF THESE.

You can shop Target’s full halloween collection right here.

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