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Aldi Is Selling $3 Freeze Pop Trays So You Can Make Shaped Popsicles For Your Kids

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I went out to my all-time favorite Aldi store today and spotted so super cool summer stuff in the Aldi Finds section! These popsicle trays are so cute!

I’m already kicking myself for not getting some for my kids. Part of me wants to go back right now and get them. I mean, they had penguins…


These are BPA free, and dishwasher safe silicone popsicle molds! The Crofton Freeze Pop Tray comes in 4 different designs too! Check out these unicorns!


Each one makes 2 frozen treats! You could pretty much put whatever you want in them. Check out the dinosaurs!


You could fill them with fruit juice and frozen fruit? Yogurt? Pudding? Anything that will freeze! Maybe root beer and heavy cream?

Oh, maybe blend some smoothies with fresh fruit and then make them into popsicles! So many options and it doesn’t even have to be boring again! No added sugar! You will know exactly what you and your children are eating.

The Crofton Freeze Pop Tray from Aldi can be found in the Aldi Finds section at your favorite Aldi store. But you have to be quick! Aldi Finds as cute as these disappear quick!

They cost $2.99 and you might want to collect them all! Check out the polar bears!


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