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These Rainbow Air Plants Purify The Air In Your Home And I Want Them All

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Air plants are interesting. The plant gets its nutrients from the air around them and they are super low maintenance if you’re busy during the day!

Courtesy of HardinsFamilyGardens

Air plants are widely used for their unique quality of purifying the air in your home.

The magic comes from their long legged leaves which consist of many tiny scales called trichomes.

Air plants are also known for regulating the humidity in your household, which is perfect for the summer time!

Courtesy of HardinsFamilyGardens

All in all, air plants have many talents and there’s an account off Etsy that’s selling them for 15 bucks each!

Better yet, a few of them are rainbow colored too!

Thanks to HardinsFamilyGardens, you can purchase your own live purifying air plant in a multitude of colors.

The description says that you will receive one air plant in the color of your choosing and a care sheet guide with instructions on how to take care of your plant.

Courtesy of HardinsFamilyGardens

You can choose from 10 different color designs and I personally can’t decide between the green with light blue tips or rainbow!

Courtesy of HardinsFamilyGardens

You can also purchase a years worth of fertilizer for $5 and a heat pack for $3.50 if you live in a colder climate, which is recommended for your air plant during shipping.

Remember, air plants desire bright rooms with indirect light and should be soaked and yes I said soaked, every 1-2 weeks. Tap water or “dirty water”, such as in a pond or river, for around 20 minutes should do the trick! Let your air plant completely dry on a dish towel afterwards.

Keeping this in mind, will create a healthy atmosphere for your plant while it works for you to purify the air in your home!

Courtesy of HardinsFamilyGardens

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  1. How do I water this plant? Submerge the plant in water of soak the soil with water?

    1. @Misty Hughes, they are called air plants because they don’t need soil. You just submerged them in water for 10-20 mins then let them dry in a paper towel and repeat every two weeks.

  2. They are painted, not naturally colored this way.

  3. Omgosh I wish they were cheaper if you bought all colors!

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