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This Field of Lights Is A Real Place You Can Visit In California and I’m Packing My Bags

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Wow! Seeing these photos kind of took my breath away! In California, there is a field that is like the most beautiful wildflower field, except it isn’t wildflowers at all, it is a field of lights and you’re going to want to see this!

It is called the Field of Light at Sensorio and it is located in Paso Robles, California. It was created by artist Bruce Munro and is his largest artwork to date!


There are more than 58,800 stemmed spheres lit by fiber-optics and they are completely solar-powered! They light up the night but totally make you think of a field of wildflowers. It covers a 15-acre field!


The Guardian wrote “This is art you feel, rather than art you view.”, wow, I wish I could experience this in person! You actually get to walk through it! Seems like it would be such an ethereal experience, definitely too perfect for this world, but so needed!


The Field of Lights Sensorio opened just a few days ago on June 12th and will remain open until January 3rd, 2021.

Due to coronavirus, they have some safety protocols set up. They are using timed ticket entry, one-way paths, no on-site ticket sales, masks, and limiting group sizes to a maximum of 6 people.


You can purchase your tickets online to visit for yourself. The price for general admission tickets starts at $30 and includes access to the beautiful light field as well as another area that has live music, wine, local beer brands, and food!


For $79 you ca get the VIP tickets. That includes everything above as well as access to an outdoor terrace and an Airstream bar.


Do you plan on going to see this amazing work of art? If so, you can purchase tickets for the Field of Light here.


Be sure to bring a camera and take a lot of photos, because this will be a stunning view that you’ll want to remember and view again!

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