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Meet All The Women Jason Collier Tricked Into Getting Married, Engaged or Being His Girlfriend

For the past few days it seems that all anyone is talking about is Jason Collier.

Ya know, the guy that had relationships with over a dozen women (some even at the same time) who had no idea each other existed.

Well, the news broke when his girlfriend at the time, Cecily outed him on Facebook and told the world their story.

Of course, it went viral and since that time, more and more news has come out about Jason Collier and his web of lies.

So, first there is Cecily – this is the first woman to come forward and posted a picture of her and her “fiancee” Jason after finding out he was married.

Jason and Cecily

Then there is Kristi. She is the second woman who came forward and claimed to be with Jason in December and was also engaged to him.

Jason and Kristi

Then people found out about his CURRENT wife Opal. She has not made any statements or come forward and has request privacy at this time.

Jason and Opal

And it doesn’t stop there.

Since that post Cecily made has been shared over 96,000 times on Facebook, more and more women have come forward with stories.

As of right now, this is the full list of women we know about.

Thanks to Jedi Goddess who made this helpful graphic below to keep track of it all.

Jedi Goddess

Jessica Eddins

Friday 29th of January 2021

He is in jail now so hopefully he won’t do it again


Friday 29th of January 2021

@Jessica Eddins, He was bonded out last night.