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The CDC Released Their New Recommendations For Returning To In-School Learning And I’m Concerned

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The CDC has released their new recommendation for opening up schools, and I’m a bit concerned.

Y’all. I’m not even joking. This remote learning has been absolutely ridiculously difficult for both myself and my children.

There are so many — SO MANY — tears, lots of stress, so much anxiety, and difficulty in keeping up with the mountains of work that the kids are being given, not to mention trying to figure out what assignments are even due at what time.

Yes, I know, I have the choice to send my kids back into the classroom — they are doing a split Monday/Tuesday, Thursday/Friday schedule here — which would give them the one-on-one teaching that they need.

It’s a medical decision to keep them home, however. We just can’t risk the chance that COVID will be brought into the house.

NOW, the CDC has released their NEW recommendations for reopening schools, and I have more questions than I really do have solid answers.

So, basically, the CDC found that there has been a very low transmission rate of COVID in schools, but where they ARE finding greater infection rates are at school activities — like sporting events.

Schools operating in person have seen scant transmission of the coronavirus, particularly when masks and distancing are employed, but some indoor athletics have led to infections and should be curtailed if schools want to operate safely.

The Washington Post

While schools may not have “contributed meaningfully” to the spread of COVIC, there is STILL transmission of the disease occurring at schools.

I don’t understand why we are considering making the switch back to in-person learning.

There has been little evidence that schools have contributed meaningfully to increased community transmission.

CDC via JAMA Network

So, my thing is, there hasn’t been a significant spread in schools, right? Well, most schools aren’t back to a full classroom of children yet. There isn’t a building full of students in the halls, going from class to class.

A new CDC study — looked at 17 rural K-12 schools in Wisconsin and found just seven out of 191 coronavirus cases resulted from in-school transmission. Researchers noted that students and staff in these schools wore masks almost all the time.

The Washington Post

Sure, anyone inside a school building is required to wear a mask and social distance, but how are those same exact precautions going to be implemented once ALL the students are back in the building?

There will be absolutely NO way to maintain that 6-foot social distance rule, the SAME rule that has helped the schools maintain its low transmission of COVID.

Accumulating data now suggest a path forward to maintain or return primarily or fully to in-person instructional delivery. Actions include taking steps to reduce community transmission and limiting school-related activities such as indoor sports practice or competition that could increase transmission risk.

CDC via JAMA Network

I just don’t see how EVERYONE going back into the school building will be okay, but sports practice or competition will be detrimental to the spread of COVID.

But, hey, what do I know. I’m just a mom. I’m just trying to keep my family as safe as I can from this horrible virus.

I hope to goodness they still give us the option to remotely learn. While it has been a less-than-positive experience, I think it would just be MORE stressful if we had to worry EVERYDAY about bringing COVID into the house.

I’m not saying this for MY well being. My kids are terrified — and I did NOT teach them this — that they will carry the coronavirus home. My daughter is the one fighting to stay out of the school building, even though she HATES remote learning.

There is just NO good answer here. I know the CDC is just trying to help get us back to “normal,” but I don’t know that I totally agree with the possible outcome of their findings.

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