This Motorized Pool Float Is Where I Will Be This Summer

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I am all about good summer pool float. Most of the time, I find the brighter, and the more colorful the better…

But, this motorized pool float just might be the king of all other pool floats, and I am going to need one.

Or maybe two, because I like to invite my best friend over to swim with me.

You can get yours on Amazon here.

This bad boy has 360 degree motion, which like, I don’t really know what that means, but I think that it means I can basically spin around like a princess floating around in the pool all day, and I can’t really imagine anything better than that.

I can’t believe that dang thing has propellors.

I am thinking that this motorized pool float would be the perfect way to /flex on everyone I know at the lake this summer. Does it count as a boat?

And can you fish from it?

Maybe I will just stick with the pool for now.

Oh, and if you’re sad that you don’t have a pool to float around in this summer, you can fix that for like forty dollars with this adult sized pool from Target.

Happy Floating.

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