Arby’s Brings Back Their Brown Sugar Bacon and You Can Get It On 3 Different Sandwiches

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Arby’s has the meats, and now they have their bacon back too!

If you’ve felt like something has been missing from your Arby’s sandwich lately, we know what the culprit is.

Enter, the Brown Sugar Bacon.

Arby’s “BSB”, (brown sugar bacon) is returning to menus once again!

Courtesy of Arby’s

But not only is their sweet and savory bacon available to order again with your meal, but you can also layer this bacon on three different sandwiches too!

Including Arby’s BLT, Roast Beef, and Turkey sandwiches, these three sandwiches can be topped with their sweet, salty, and crispy bacon to level up your meal.

Courtesy of Arby’s

Starting with their BLT, it makes sense that Arby’s is offering their sugary bacon with this stuffed sandwich, because what’s a BLT without the bacon?

You can also never go wrong with layering roast beef and bacon together, which is why Arby’s Roast Beef sandwich layers the two one on top of the other.

Courtesy of Arby’s

And when it comes to turkey, sandwich makers have been pairing sliced roast turkey and bacon for years.

It’s so common that you see turkey and bacon sandwiches pre-made at the grocery store; so if you’re looking for a lunch that you’ll leave no crumbs with, the Turkey & Brown Sugar Bacon sandwich is something to think about.

Courtesy of Arby’s

“Bacon makes everything better, especially when combined with brown sugar to give it an extra sweetness that perfectly balances the salty and savory flavors,” explained Ellen Rose, Arby’s CMO in a recent press release. “Arby’s Brown Sugar Bacon menu items were fan favorites in the past, so we knew we wanted to bring back these three legendary sandwiches.”

Ellen Rose

Arby’s three sandwiches that feature the Brown Sugar Bacon are currently available to order again at all participating Arby’s chains!

Courtesy of Arby’s

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