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Pop-Tarts Is Releasing Two New Flavors Inspired By Doughnuts and Apple Fritters 

Pop-Tarts felt inspired enough to create not only one new flavor to bite into, but two flavors that are extra sweet for those with a big enough sweet tooth. 

Courtesy of @candyhunting

Introducing flavors that are inspired by doughnut shops and grandma’s baked apple fritters, Kellogg’s is soon releasing Frosted Apple Fritters and Frosted Boston Creme Doughnuts! 

Courtesy of @junkfoodonthego

Leave it to Kellogg’s to stuff two commonly known sweet treats in a flaky pastry shell with frosting.

Courtesy of @junkfoodonthego

Doughnut enthusiasts can expect custard flavored filling similar to a Boston Cream doughnut with chocolate icing slathered on the top ,while the Apple Fritter flavor features apple flavored filling with white icing decorated on top.

Courtesy of @junkfoodmom

The two new flavors are expected to be stocked on store shelves at the end of December, but we’re hoping at least before Christmas.

Courtesy of @junkfoodonthego