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People Are Making Tabletop Bonfires To Make S’mores and It Is Pure Genius

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S’mores are great and all unless your bonfire pit is non existent.

For those who are lacking a bonfire in the back but still crave the sweet snack during the summer months, there’s a simple solution to make melting chocolate and burnt marshmallows sandwiched in between two graham crackers.

The mini tan pots that make a home for your succulents can be used to roast ooey gooey s’mores!

Courtesy of @craftiecraftie

Individuals on social media are calling the trend “tabletop s’mores” and all you need is a roll of tin foil, coal, a small pot, and a lighter.

Courtesy of @sheleleby

Starting with your cleaned out pot, wrap the edges and the inside of your pot with tin foil and place the hunk of coal inside.

Courtesy of Craftie

Next, light the coal, grab your skewers, puncture your marshmallows and watch a small tabletop fire pit go along way with smoking your fluffy sweet treat, and don’t forget a Hershey’s bar to melt and crunchy graham crackers!

Courtesy of Craftie

Who knew the home of your plants could be used to cook a staple summertime favorite!

Skewers up and marshmallows ready at the bell!

Courtesy of Craftie

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