Here’s How Everyone Felt About Season 8 Episode 1 Of Game Of Thrones

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Look, a lot of stuff went down in tonight’s Game Of Thrones, but we are here for the important things. What really happened here? How did everyone feel?

Are you guys okay? It’s been a long time since we’ve seen an episode! I have to admit that it was weird being dropped right back into that world.

Below here, it’s going to get spoilery. You’ve been warned.

Best line of the night goes to…

Although, “My eyes have always been blue!” was right up there, too.

First, and most of all can we talk about Jon Snow hopping up on that dragon ready to see that shining shimmering splendid world?

Poor Khaleesi. This wasn’t her best episode.

Daenerys lost all the respect and love from Sam Tarley when she admitted that she straight up burned his fam to the ground.

Let’s be honest, this will be her most fatal mistake.

Bran waiting on an “old friend” was the best part of this whole damn episide. When Jaime Lannister pulled up you knew it was ON.

Cersei was all but absent this episode, save a little complaining about elephants.

Although she might be preggars. Just a hunch, no real reason for saying so.

Not a lot happened, honestly. Jon rode the dragon, which was cool. Arya made eyes at Gendry. (Oh, and did you notice that weapon she asked for? Girlfriend is about to take that night king DOWN.)

Jon found out he just got busy with his aunt…

Sansa and Daenerys had a few evil eyed mean girl stares for each other, and Bran and Jaime are about to go toe to toe.

It wasn’t a bad setup for the rest of the season 8.

But, the thing we are all wanting to know… WHERE IS GHOST?!?

See you at next week’s watch, Freefolk.

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  1. Sam is of House Tarly, not Tulley.
    It’s spelt Sansa, not Sanza.
    It was a good summary of the episode, though. <3

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