Target Has An Adult Size Inflatable Pool For $40 And I Need One

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If there’s one thing Target does right, it’s make beautiful things I need right now, and this inflatable pool holds up to three grown people and costs less than dinner at Chilis.

I must have it.

The pool is 5.5 feet wide and 1.5 feet tall. That is longer than I am tall. That’s huge.

I mean, if you aren’t going giant weiner dog pool floatie, then these larger than life blow up pools are what you need in life.

It can hold three grown people, or like a zillion kid-sized ones.

And it takes about ten minutes to blow up with an air pump, or you can even use your hairdryer. (Just don’t get it near the water, k?)

You can get it in six deliciously adorable patterns.

Target’s Adult Inflatable Pool Comes In Six Different Patterns

My personal favorite is this super sunny Squeeze The Day.

But I do love this black and white, Dipped In Ink.

Summer just wouldn’t be summer without Just Add Watermelon.

If you’re feeling classically chic go with That’s Banana Leaves.

If geo patterns are your bae, then Soak In Some Watercolor is for you.

But if you love all things grandma’s china, then Fresh Cut is the way to go.

You can get them on Target’s website, but my local Target had a TON of these when I went in earlier today.

Happy Swimming! <3

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  1. FYI, the adult ones are sold out, and a couple of the patterns you show here as “adult” are actually kid versions and much smaller…

  2. Unless they have changed the design, there is NO drain plug to use when cleaning or changing the water.

  3. Unfortunately, it won’t fit someone who is 5’10”.

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