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Pepperidge Farm Released Milano Amaretto Hot Cocoa Cookies Just In Time For The Holidays

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You know the Holidays are getting close when Pepperidge Farm starts bringing out their Winter Bags of specialty cookies.

I get so stinkin’ happy this time of year, everytime I see these Holiday Bags at the store.

Courtesy of Instacart

Have y’all tried the Milano Amaretto Hot Cocoa flavor? O-M-G!! They are so rich, so delicate, so freaking amazing.


According to the Milano Amaretto Hot Cocoa bag, these cookies contain “Rich Dark Chocolate and the flavor of amaretto hot cocoa hidden between delicate cookies.”


These are like the Dark Chocolate Milano cookies, but you have that decadent Amaretto layer that just takes these cookies to another dimension.


Now, you can eventually find these anywhere you usually get your Milano cookies. They are just now starting to roll out to stores, so it may take a minute before you can find them. But, never fear, they are coming!

If you can’t yet find them, but are DYING to try them (like me!!), you can always check Instacart. You can put in your zip code, and see if you can find them in your area.

And, now the bad news: These cookies are limited edition, so once the holidays are over, that’s it. *Sad Face Emoji*

You have to stock up on these delicate tasty treats while you can!!

Now in other tasty treat news, did you know that you can order 2.5 pounds of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups right from the Reese’s Factory. Yep. It’s going to be a tasty good holiday season!

Courtesy of the Hershey Company

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