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A Woman Was Stopped by TSA For Having 20 Bags Of Flammin’ Hot Cheetos In Her Bag and She Is My Hero!

Emily Mei is my new best friend.

Via Twitter Emily Ghoul

She got stopped at TSA for having “like 20 bags” of Flammin‘ Hot Cheetos in her bag while walking through security at the airport.

Airport security was just doing their job, which is totally awesome. I mean, twenty bags of Flammin‘ Hot Cheetos in one carryon luggage bag is just a little suspicious.

TSA took each bag out of her luggage, and wiped them down for suspicion of illegal activity.

In this case, however, everything was legit. Emily was flying to Korea, where it is apparently hard to find Flammin’ Hot Cheetos.

She was being an AMAZING friend, and bringing bags of these Flammin’ Hot Cheetos to her friends in Korea.

Can she be my friend? We all could use sweet friends like Emily, who think ahead to surprise you with what you love!

Flammin’ Hot Cheetos are the BEST Cheetos, by the way. There is a REASON she wasn’t carrying just regular Cheetos with her. Yumm!!

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