Kristen Bell And Dax Shepard Told Their Kids That Santa Wasn’t Real And Honestly, Good For Them

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Did you believe in Santa as a kid? I think pretty much everyone did…except me.

My parents didn’t want me to believe in something that wasn’t real, so they told me that Santa was not real, but explained why other kids thought he was, and to not ruin it for them. And I never did! Go me.

And I LOVE Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard together. I didn’t think they were a good pair at first, but man did they prove me wrong! Their public relationship gives me hope in celebrities making it. If they ever separate, I think I will cry.


Obviously, when it comes to the belief in Santa, I believe that it is important for each and every family to decide for themselves how to proceed with it.


I have two little ones myself, they are two and four, and we aren’t going to make them believe in Santa, but will also let them enjoy the traditions. But if they ever ask, I will be honest regardless. That is what’s been important to me.

Dax Shepard told US Magazine, that he has a rule to never lie to his children, no matter how hard it may get.


So, when the topic of Santa came up, he claimed, “This is going to be very controversial.” But he, and Kristen Bell decided to be honest with their children and tell them that Santa was not real. And I love them even more for it!


Kristen shared with Today, “We have to tell our kid that one night a year breaking and entering is OK and that a dude in a jumpsuit is going to come down the chimney and is going to rifle through our stuff, but it’s OK because he’s going to leave us gifts? That’s a crazy story to tell your child.”


So, when their daughter Lincoln started to question about Santa Claus, they just told her the truth. As Dax put it, “I’m like, ‘you know what? This is just a fun thing we pretend while it’s Christmas.’”


I understand this could be controversial to some. When I told my own mother-in-law that I wasn’t going to make my kids believe in Santa, she wasn’t a big fan of me, so I get it. But I really am proud of them to come out saying this and I like them even more for it! What are your thoughts? Let us know below!


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  1. I read a great article once, that suggested once your kids start to suspect that Santa isn’t real, you take them to lunch and let tell them that as they’re grown,, it’s time to let them in on the magic of Christmas, and that now they get to become “a Santa.” and spread joy during the holidays. They get to chose someone (the article uses a neighbor as an example) to give a thoughtful gift to anonymously, as a Santa. And they come to understand Santa as not a lie as such, but an opportunity to be kind, and keep the magic alive for others.
    I had a quick search for it to include a link, but couldn’t find it

  2. I let my kids believe in Santa and played along with it and made it magical. To a certain age and then the oldest gets to help out with the magic for the little one. But our Santa only gives one gift to every kid. They are only allowed to ask Santa for one gift. It’s a selfless thing to think of other kids. Usually they ask for a simple gift from Santa. Santa absolutely doesn’t outdo the us, parents when it comes to gift giving.

  3. Did you tell them the real meaning of Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

  4. I also told my kids it was a game we pretend. I’m gonna lie and say he’s real and then they find out he isn’t I say “ ya that was a lie but the baby Jesus part is real “. Uh no. I lost my credibility.

  5. I did the same! I have a no lying rule to my kids and just could not tell them that. I said no it’s just a make believe Christmas tradition but a lot of little kids believe so don’t ruin it for them. They had a great time just having family stay and be on holidays. We consider the whole business pretty commercial and environmentally damaging so always kept it small. Later we decided to adopt the traditional of drinking hot chocolate and gifting eachother books on Christmas Eve.
    I’ve never regretted it and the kids, now teens, never felt they missed out. And they trust that Mum doesn’t ever lie to them.