Adele Posted A New Picture Of Herself On Instagram And People Can’t Get Over How Incredible She Looks

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“Hello — It’s me –“

Yes, we have a new picture of Adele, and she HAS to introduce herself, because we don’t recognize her!

Well, I mean, it’s the OLD Adele, she just has something new going on.

My girl lost a bunch of weight, and she is almost unrecognizable.

I would like to say, there is NOTHING wrong with the way she looked before.

Adele has ALWAYS been a beautiful person, with a beautiful voice.

But, if she wanted to lose a little weight for HERSELF, I say, “Go For It, Girl!”

Adele! You look fantastic! I wish I knew her secret (and I hope it’s not eating right, and exercising — because I just don’t want to do that)!

She posted this picture of the “new” her on Instagram, and she is stunning!

People really cannot get over how amazing she looks!

What do you think?

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