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Walmart Will Now Offer Pet Services Right Inside Their Stores. Here’s What You Need To Know.

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You are about to be able to get your pet groomed while you do your grocery shopping at Walmart.

Walmart has announced that they are going to be opening Pet Services Centers right inside their store locations, so they really are going to be a one-stop experience for customers.

Imagine, you can get your oil changed at the car service center, and while you’re waiting for it to be done you can go take your dog to be groomed and get a bit of grocery shopping done at the same time.

Sounds pretty fantastic, right?!?


The first Pet Services Center will be opening this week in Dallas, Georgia, about 30 miles northwest of Atlanta.

This location will serve as a pilot location for the Walmart Pet Services center, with more locations planned in the very near future.

Of course, we’ve already been able to buy our pet supplies at Walmart for a while. Dog food, grooming products, treats, bedding — this Pet Services Center will just be an extension of the services we already enjoy from Walmart.

Walmart’s Pet Services Centers will have their own dedicated entrances next to the Walmart store entrance.


They will be staffed by PetIQ — a vet care and pet product company — but will carry the Walmart name.

In other words, the people caring for your dogs will have pet knowledge. They won’t just be Walmart employees posing as pet-care workers.

What Services Will The Walmart Pet Care Center Provide?

You can expect to take your doggo to the Walmart Pet Care Center for simple things like trimming their nails, grooming, and teeth cleaning.

They will also be offering wellness exams for your dogs or cats, and providing you the opportunity to get vaccines for your fur babies.

Of course, being that it’s Walmart, the services will be reasonably priced.

Nail trimmings will start at $15, and you can get a physical exam for your pet for $97 — which includes vaccines and parasite screening.

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