These Color Changing Cube Chairs Turn Your Backyard Into A Light Party and I Need Them

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Chilling in my backyard is about to be an EVENT, and not just a hangout!

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You can get these freaking amazing color changing cube chairs — for inside or out — and they totally just upped the chill-time game!

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These chairs have a RECHARGEABLE LED light that can change color! Are you feeling in a “blue” mood? Change that color to blue. Feeling more “red?” Turn that chair to the soft glowing red color!

You can change the color with the touch of the remote — and there are SIXTEEN different color shades to choose from!

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These freaking awesome chairs are WATERPROOF, so you can totally take this fun party outdoors by the pool! You will be the COOLEST house on the block!

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Each chair has a glow time of ten to twelve hours, but that time may be a little less as the temperatures dip during fall and winter.

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The LED component CAN be changed out, and the website claims it’s pretty easy to do.

Each LED cube chair can hold up to THREE HUNDRED pounds, is UV resistant — you can leave it in the sun — and has a twelve month guarantee.

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Each of these cool LED chairs runs one hundred and ten bucks, and you can get them right on the Amazon website. I’m going to need AT LEAST four!

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