Lady Gaga And Bradley Cooper Just Got A Standing Ovation With Their Shallow Performance At The Oscars

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We are all collectively Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga obsessed right now.

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Which means we were basically sitting on pins and needles waiting on this performance, and it did NOT disappoint.

Oh, and it won the Oscar for Best Song!

Look at her put her hand on her stomach. She knows what’s happening.

I mean just look at them. BOTH.

I could watch this all day.

Lady Gaga’s Oscar necklace was worth 30 million dollars. See it here.

Ladies find you a man that looks at you like Lady Gaga looks at Bradley Cooper.

It’s so fun to watch a performance like this. To see this movie come to life on the Oscar’s stage.

When they rested their heads together, I think the whole room did a swoon.


They killed it. I mean, come on.

I loved every second of this.

They absolutely deserved their standing ovation.

The way they worked that piano was something we will not soon forget.

Honestly, we were standing at my house, too.

We just couldn’t help it.

And because we can’t get enough of it, let’s take another look at Lady Gaga channeling Audrey Hepburn?

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Be more stunning, Gaga.

I dare you.

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  1. Best movie ever. Could watch over and over. Just purchased the DVD.

    1. YOU ARE SO RIGHT! How are you the first person to notice this?!?!? What was I thinking? HAH!

  2. I think you might want to edit you said find you a man that looks at you like lady Gaga looks at bradly cooper ? Don’t you mean to say that looks at you like Bradley cooper looks at lady Gaga ?

    1. Oh no, I meant find a man that looks at you the way Lady Gaga looks at Bradley Cooper. Did you see that THIRST?!?!?