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Melissa McCarthy Just Wore A Dress Covered In Bunnies To The Oscars

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We are just minding our business, hanging out watching the Oscars when Melissa McCarthy walks out in THIS.

So many questions, but mostly I want to know– what is going on with her hair?

Is that a wig?

It has to be a wig.

Wait, why am I focused on her hair?


I mean, she got a laugh from the crowd… she even got a laugh from me.

I don’t really know WHY she is wearing all those bunnies, but I am in for it.

She was awarding the oscar for costume design (shout out to BLACK PANTHER) so, I guess I get the bit, but the bunnies…

Were any bunnies harmed in the making of this dress?

I kid, I kid.

They’re just so… odd.

I can’t help but love them. They’re so silly!

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She did actually show up in a super cute pants suit to the red carpet, though.

She rocked the heck out of that thing.

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Just remember, this lady has her own fashion line.

Embed from Getty Images

She knows fashion.

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haha we promise.

Embed from Getty Images

She’s so pretty.

When she’s not covered in bunnies, that is.


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  1. maybe it was the resurrection of the Fatal Attraction bunny!!! Getting back at Glen Close for giving her shade on the red carpet

  2. I think it has to do with The Movie The Favourite.

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