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You Can Now Get The J Balvin Meal At McDonald’s And It Comes With A Free Oreo McFlurry

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Did y’all try the Travis Scott meal at McDonald’s? I’m not going to lie — I got it, I loved it, I was unhappy when it disappeared.

Courtesy of McDonald’s

Well, now McDonald’s is teaming up with J Balvin to bring the world ANOTHER tasty collab. The J Balvin meal is available NOW through November 1st, so you better JUMP on it now.

What is the J Balvin meal? Let me just tell ya. It is a Big Mac sandwich (my favorite!), with a medium size french fry, and an Oreo McFlurry.

Courtesy of McDonald’s

Here’s the kicker, though. Go right now, and download the McDonald’s app on your phone. If you order through the app, the Oreo McFlurry is FREE!!

You cannot get the FREE Oreo McFlurry by ordering at the restaurant, so don’t even try. Just get the app. Download it. Use it.

As a longtime McDonald’s fan, I am excited to join the shortlist of global icons who have had a meal named in their honor. I am looking forward to sharing my signature order with my fans, along with more surprises that are to come with this partnership. ¡Lego!

J Balvin Courtesy of a McDonald’s Press Release
Courtesy of McDonald’s

Balvin is only the third person EVER to have a meal at McDonald’s named after him — right behind Michael Jordan and Travis Scott.


By the way, if you need to know who the heck J Balvin is (I had to look it up. Ha!), he is a Colombian reggaeton singer, who’s first big hit was in 2014 with “6 AM.”


The J Balvin McDonald’s meal looks super FABULOUS, and I’m going to go get one as soon as they start serving lunch. LOL!


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