Home Depot’s Viral 12-Foot Skeleton is Back in Stock So You Better Bust Out Your Wallet and Run

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This is the best news ever and honestly, it’s getting me ready for Halloween earlier than ever before!

Home Depot

You may remember the massive 12-foot skeleton Home Depot released last year!

Home Depot

It went viral and sold out within minutes and never came back in stock.

Well, it just so happens to be back in stock right now!!

Yes, I know it’s April but if we know anything about Home Depot, it’s that, they release their Halloween merchandise early and once it’s gone, it’s gone.

This 12-Foot Skeleton has LifeEyes and stands 12-Feet tall.

People are even keeping them up year-round since they are so big.

LifeEyes are are the animated LCD eyes. Yes, animated, they don’t just light up! They can blink and move when they are activated. The skeleton comes with a built-in timer function that you can set for 6 hours on and 18 hours off.

Home Depot

This has been made for either indoor or outdoor use! So you have tall enough ceilings, you can set this dude up in the house! Amazing!

Home Depot

He is made with off-white colored bones for a more realistic look. There is also a base that comes with it so that he can stand on his own.


You do have to assemble him, so you will need at least one friend to help you put your new boney pal together. It should take you about an hour to get him put together and ready to go.

Add some creepy music and a fog machine and your house will be the best house for Halloween!

Home Depot

The 12 ft. Giant-Sized Skeleton with LifeEyes is from Home Accents Holiday.

You can purchase it online from Home Depot for $299 right now. There is a limit of one per order.

Home Depot

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