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You Can Catch One Of These Pokemon Advent Calendars To Help You Countdown To The Holiday Season

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OMG. Promise me you won’t tell my son that this exists. He will start begging me for it, and won’t stop until December 1st.

You can get a Pokémon Holiday Advent Calendar, and it’s filled with all kinds of little Pokémon figures (my son schooled me on the fact that they are NOT monsters).


Now, I have an obsession with all Advent Calendars. I have at least 5 of them around my house every year — and that doesn’t even count the ones my kids and husband have.

Sure, I have a few favorites. I still have displays up around the house from my foray into the Nightmare Before Christmas and the Harry Potter Advent Calendars from last year.


But this Pokémon Calendar, this one is going to be the hot commodity at my house this holiday season.

You HAVE to check out this Pokémon Holiday Advent Calendar!


Gotta Catch ‘Em All this Holiday season! Children can create and display their own Pokémon Christmas Scene!


Just like with standard Advent Calendars, there are 24 different little doors. You open 1 door each day between December 1st and December 24th.


The special thing about THIS Advent Calendar, though, is that you get to catch and collect different Pokémon.

The 2″ Pokemon toy characters include Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Eevee and MORE! The characters are inspired by Pokémon anime, trading cards, Let’s go!, Sword and Shield and Nintendo video games series!


When you open up those doors, you get 1 of 16 different Pokémon figures or 1 of 8 different Pokémon accessories. THEN, you can display them all around your house. I can already tell you, my son is going to want them front-and-center on our fireplace mantel.

This Advent Calendar is so new that it isn’t even in stock yet!! But, if you go ahead and purchase yours NOW, you will get it the last week in November.


Each licensed Pokémon Advent Calendar runs about 50 bucks, which is about the standard price for Advent Calendars — but just look at all the Pokémon characters you get with this one!

You can order your own Pokémon Holiday Advent Calendar on the Amazon website.


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