PSA Starbucks Halloween Cups Are Released Today, Here’s What to Know

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Here is your PSA (public service announcement) for today: Starbucks Halloween Cups are Released Today! You’re welcome!

While the Halloween Cups have been spotted for weeks now, and we’ve been among the first to post about them – today is officially the day that most Starbucks locations across the nation release their Halloween cups.

This year’s collection includes the Spider Web cup:

The Reusable Halloween Cups:

The black matte studded cup. Although, not exactly Halloween themed, it goes with the season:

And the new Halloween Coffee Mugs I spotted last night:

All of these cups have been spotted at both Target Starbucks locations and regular Starbucks stores. However, I’ll be honest to say that most of the ones I’ve found have been inside the Target Starbucks locations.

Here are a few things worth remembering:

  • Lots of people will be out seeking these out please don’t be a jerk and take them all.
  • Please don’t take more than you need to list on eBay
  • Be patient with the Starbucks employees, they will be exhausted from being asked 100’s of times today about these cups
  • If you can, go into a location and get the cups yourself. Often times, they will not place them on hold and I am sure phones will be busy.
  • Don’t forget to use your Starbucks app to earn points on your purchase!
  • Share your cups with us by tagging your photos with #ttbbombsquad

While you are out today seeking out these limited edition cups, ask to have one of these specialty drinks made (we’ve got the recipes too):

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