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Here’s Why You Should Keep Crystals In Your Bra

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I know, I know, this sounds odd, right?

But think about it, most people wear crystals in their jewelry and that is fine and dandy, but skin contact will give you even more of what the crystals offer and it isn’t on display for everyone.

Think of it as your hidden weapon for healing energy every single day!

Now, if you are going to try this, it’s probably best to get a nice smooth tumbled crystal as opposed to a raw and rugged one since it will be up against your skin.

The best way to absorb the energy of your gemstones is by using skin-to-skin contact.

You could even do this overnight as you sleep.

What better way to keep it skin to skin and secure than by sticking them in your bra!

I use essential oils every single day to help me with my health issues, and they do help me.

I’m just now learning more about crystals and their healing, and energy properties.

I believe that God has given us so many tools here on Earth to use to help our mind, soul, and body.

So of course, my next step will be crystals.

For me, I am interested in healing my body, easing anxiety, reducing and getting my depression under control.

I’m also looking to get better sleep, and something to help my confidence levels so I can achieve more in life.

What do you think, will you give wearing crystals in your bra a try?

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