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This Mom Caught A Creepy Voice On Her Baby Monitor But It Didn’t Stop There

No. Nope. Uh-uh. No Thank You.

This is the second time this month that moms on TikTok have caught paranormal activity happening in their baby’s room, and I say just burn it all down!!

This time, TikTok mommy, Daisy, says she caught a creepy voice on her baby monitor, and all the hairs on my neck just stood on end!!

In the video, which was taken at 3am, something wakes up the baby, and it starts to fuss. Then, in a really deep and creepy voice, something says “Forever.” You have to listen kind of closely to hear it, but it’s definitely there.


Then, the creeptastic episodes happen again. THIS time, an orb can be seen floating from right to left across the screen.

Keep in mind, the room is completely dark. If it were a piece of dust, you would need light shining on it in order for it to show up.


And, that’s not the last video. Oh, nay-nay!!

There is ANOTHER orb video, and this time the circle of light goes from the left of the screen to the right, and then sort of wiggles around.


Gah!! Daisy isn’t the first TikTok mommy to post creepy paranormal nursery activity. Earlier this month, Erika Danielle posted a video of something pulling on her baby’s leg, and then another something coming out from under the baby.


My house would immediately be put up for sale, and we would be living in a hotel. I don’t mess with the spirit world!!

What do you think? Is this proof of paranormal activity? Are the mom’s being too paranoid?

Some day, I’ll tell you the story of the haunted house I lived in.

You can see the Daisy’s TikTok video of the ghost talking HERE.

To see the video of the orbs in Daisy’s baby’s room, you can go HERE and HERE.