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This Mom Captured A ‘Ghost’ Pulling On Her Baby’s Leg On A Nanny Cam

After a mom posted paranormal activity caught in her baby’s crib on TikTok she quickly went viral.

Erika Danielle goes by the TikTok username of @erikadaniellexo, she quickly gained over 9 million views and over 16,000 comments on the video!

We have paranormal things happen a lot in our home. Look close, or you might miss it.

Erika Danielle
@erikadaniellexo – TikTok

At the beginning of the TikTok video, you’ll see Erika’s baby asleep, but something disturbs him and he begins to toss and turn.

@erikadaniellexo – TikTok

He eventually gets up and is rubbing his eyes trying to figure out what is happening.

@erikadaniellexo – TikTok

Erika spotted an orb bloating up and out from underneath the baby!

@erikadaniellexo – TikTok

The orb-like light floats up and disappears!

In the comments, other TikTok users say they saw way more than just an orb of light!

@erikadaniellexo – TikTok

Many say that they saw something tug and pull the left leg of the baby, and that is what woke the baby up!


Other comments insisted that the orb was protective of the baby, but um… I’m not so sure if it was tugging on the baby.

@erikadaniellexo – TikTok

So, now I want to know what you think… is it a ghost tugging the baby and then floating up, or did the baby just wake up and it was a piece of dust floating up from the movement of the baby?

You can watch the TikTok below and also visit her on TikTok to join the conversation.


We have paranormal things happen a lot in our home. Look close or you might miss it. #momsoftiktok #ghost #fyp #spirit #paranormal #bedroomcheck #fy

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