Starbucks Just Released a Gothic Frappuccino and It Speaks to My Inner Dark Soul

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Other than walking through walls, we think Beetlejuice has found his next calling.

Starbuck’s latest coffee creation looks like Beetlejuice himself made it behind the counter which wouldn’t be surprising, since we know the guy has a variety of magical powers.

Courtesy of Starbucks

The new drink, which comes topped with whipped cream and swirled with black caramel sauce looks exactly like Beetlejuice’s black and white striped suit from the iconic 80’s film.

Or at the very least, looks totally gothic!

Featuring a pitch black base that includes a Frappuccino mixture, the drink is then finished with a hint of pumpkin pudding at the bottom of your cup.

Courtesy of Starbucks Japan

Other than its eerie appearance, much like Beetlejuice himself, this new Frappuccino is titled the “Booooo Frappuccino”.

Now the only decision you must make, other than deciding on which size to get, is whether or not you’re willing to fly overseas to try this new Frappuccino.

Courtesy of @starbucks_j

Starbucks Japan is the creator behind this sweet new drink so if you’re willing to buy an airplane to taste this new drink, let the rest of now how good it tastes!

The “Booooo Frappuccino” releases today, October 11 until Halloween!

Courtesy of @soy_stb

And while there’s no word yet on whether not this drink will make it’s way to the states, we’re crossing every finger and toe we have.

Courtesy of @starbucks_j

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