You Can Get A Muscle Man Pillow to Cuddle With For The Person Who Is Always Single

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I swear we all know that one person… the person who seems to always be single.

I mean, we may *think* they are lonely but are they? While the answer to that question may remain a mystery, I have a solution that may just help keep them company…

Introducing the muscle man pillow. It’s a pillow shaped like a muscle man’s torso that your single friend can cuddle and sleep with.

Now this is totally a gag gift but I could also seeing it be a legit gift that someone actually uses too…

You can actually use the pillow once the laughs are over. In some ways, the cozy nature of the pillow that you can adjust however you want actually is better than a boyfriend, so you may want one for yourself!

I think this would make a hilarious gift for a birthday or holidays, don’t you?

You can get this Muscle Man Pillow on Amazon for just under $40 here.

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