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You Can Get a Charm That Looks Exactly Like a Carton of Blue Bell Ice Cream and I Need It

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Blue Bell Creameries has just created the first everlasting ice cream, but it’s not a pint that you can eat.

Apparently it wasn’t enough for Blue Bell ice cream to provide an after-dinner indulgence you simply can’t say no to, because the sweet treat giant has officially put jewelry making on their resume.

Courtesy of James Avery

With the help of James Avery, a family-owned jewelry retailer, the two Texas-based companies have made a sweet collaboration that you can wear on your sleeve.

The new Blue Bell ice cream charm is exactly how it sounds, a miniature charm that’s designed to look exactly like the half-gallon carton of ice cream you dig your spoon into every night.

Courtesy of James Avery

“We are excited to partner with Blue Bell and craft an artful design that speaks to so many Texans,” said James Avery CEO John McCullough in a recent news release. “James Avery and Blue Bell fans alike will be able to purchase the first charm in this iconic Texas partnership.”

John McCullough
Courtesy of Blue Bell Creameries

Including delicate details such as the famous Blue Bell logo, this dainty charm is also made up of sterling silver and bronze.

The pendant is also the perfect gift for those who crave something sweet after every meal.

Courtesy of Blue Bell Creameries

So if you’re looking for a gift for the ice cream fanatic in your family, you can find the Blue Bell Ice Cream Charm online here, in James Avery stores, and the Blue Bell Country Store in Brenham, Texas!

Courtesy of Blue Bell Creameries

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