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Amber Heard Claims Jason Momoa Would Dress Up Like Johnny Depp to Mess with Her On Set

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Just when we thought we heard it all from Amber Heard (see, what I did there?), she now has new allegations out against a co-star…

According to reports, Amber Heard told her therapist that Jason Momoa would dress up like Johnny Depp on set while filming Aquaman 2 to mess with her.

These allegations were released when new legal docs from Amber’s defamation trial last year were recently made public.

According to Variety, the docs revealed some of Amber’s therapy sessions one in which, stated that Amber said she felt Jason Momoa was trying to play mind games with her by intentionally copying Johnny Depp’s look, right down to his multi-fingered rings.

Um, okay?

I’ll be honest, I’ve seen several pictures of Jason where he’s wearing multiple rings. I think that’s just his style…

Like this one:

Now, we know that Amber seems to lie and exaggerate stories so I find this hard to believe he’d purposely do something like that.

A rep for DC even denied these claims, saying … “Jason Momoa conducted himself in a professional manner at all times on the set of ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.”

Warner Bros.

So yeah, after seeing Amber on the stand lie and pretend to cry, it’s hard to believe any of this is true.

Nonetheless, Amber seems to be in the spotlight once again but once again, it’s surrounding drama.

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