This Pool Hammock Only Takes 3 Seconds To Inflate And It’s The Most Comfortable Float Ever

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This is, legit, the coolest pool float EVER!! You don’t need a pump to blow it up, it’s tough to tip over, it weighs less than 2 pounds when empty, and it’s ergonomic for you body. YES, PLEASE!!

This is a hammock raft, and it is the sweetest little fun-in-the-sun accessory you will own — and YES, you will want to own it!

The floating hammock is LESS THAN 40 bucks on the Amazon website, and it is made of tear-resistant nylon, instead of a PVC plastic, like most rafts. Therefore, you really don’t have to worry about popping this awesome raft!

You can see, the middle is made of mesh, so it is more breathable than other pool floats. Your body is really cradled in this freaking awesome pool hammock!

This thing folds down, and stores in a little bag, that you can just throw around your shoulder, and carry like a purse.

When it’s time to inflate this awesome hammock, you simply open the pouch, and hold it open in the wind for about 3 seconds. Once it fills up, you fold over the pocket, and VOILA!! No need for a pump, and no need to spend an hour trying to blow it up with your mouth!

It gets 4.5 Stars out of 5 Stars on Amazon Reviews, with over 60 verified reviews! People are saying it’s not only simple to inflate, it is so easy to carry and store. They also love how it floats by just enveloping your body.

This hammock float does come in 5 different colors: Purple, Black, Light Blue, Brown, and Orange. I would totally go with the purple one, but I’m just a purple kinda girl.

The pool floating bed is a new product in 2020. The ergonomic design can support the body evenly and comfortably. The inflatable spare air tank to make your head more comfortable, and the mesh in the middle can wrap your body and not easy to roll over, which provides excellent support and super comfort for your neck and back. You can put your floating bed on the water, bask in the sunshine, enjoy and relax.


Made of the strongest 210T single-layer nylon material, it is soft, durable, light, no peculiar smell, no harm to the skin, no water seepage, widely used in parachute products, high safety, and it is composed of modular fabrics and adopts sophisticated double sewing technology.Notice: The nylon material has the characteristics of heat expansion and cold contraction, so it will appear more expansive and full in the sun.


There are TONS of cool floats out there this summer — but this is definitely the COOLEST I have seen. This is going to get SO much use this summer! I can even pack it up in my suitcase, and take it on my trip to see my brother this year!

Get your OWN hammock float right on the Amazon website!

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