To My Husband: Please Take Pictures Of Me

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I have a million pictures of my kid, my animals and even my husband, but I can never seem to remember to ask my husband to get pictures of me. 

I suppose it’s because 98 percent of the time I’m not wearing any makeup and my hair is up in a top knot on the top of my head. Or maybe it’s because my double chin makes me insane and when someone else takes a picture of me I feel like they never get my angles right. 

Either way, I hate pictures of myself and every time my husband does take one, I want it deleted immediately. But I’m asking him here, now to please stop deleting them. Even if I ask. Save them.

Save them because years from now I am going to want to see myself interacting with my daughter. 

I’m going to want to look back and remember the pool with my kid even though I hate the way I look in a swimsuit.

I’m going to want to remember our trip to Disneyland even though I was a sweaty mess, I just can’t see that now because my vanity gets in the way. 

Oh, and Years from now my daughter is going to want to see them. She’s going to want to show her kids, and they will want to show their kids.

She will want those precious memories. I know because I have very few pictures of me and my mother together and I cherish them all. 

So please, babe— take pictures of me. Lots of them. Take them when I’m not looking and even when I’m not at my prettiest.

Because that’s how you see me, and you still love me. 

So even if I’m having a little trouble loving myself, I still want to be remembered and photos are a great way to do that. 

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