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A Baby’s Life Was Saved Just Months After A Student Raised Funds to Install An Indiana Safe Haven Baby Box

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A newborn in Indiana was saved this week, thanks to a Safe Haven box that was made possible by a high school senior who raised $10,000 for the installation of the box in June!

Courtesy of Safe Haven Baby Boxes

Hunter Wart, a senior in Seymour, IN, mowed lawns and did whatever he needed to do to raise the money for the installation of this Baby Box. It was part of his senior project — and I’m so glad he decided on THIS project.

A Safe Haven Baby Box is a — well, box type thing — in the wall of a fire station or hospital. It lets people safely surrender their newborn babies under the Safe Haven Law in their state.

Courtesy of Safe Haven Baby Boxes

The box can, literally, save the life of a baby.

Courtesy of Safe Haven Baby Boxes

Moms desperate to get rid of their infants have been known to abandon their newborns in dumpsters or trashcans — awful, I know.

This Safe Haven box gives these mothers a more humane alternative, by anonymously letting them drop their baby off — allowing the infant to be safely taken in and cared for.

Once the mother opens the Safe Haven Box, an alarm notifies safety personnel that a baby has entered the box, allowing them to quickly and safely remove the baby.

cute newborn baby sleeping in the crib

The door locks from the outside once the mother closes the BOX. This keeps the baby safe from anyone who might try to open it.

The Baby Box is climate controlled — a comfortable place for the child to rest for the minute or two it takes for help to arrive.

Courtesy of Safe Haven Baby Boxes

Thanks to the caring spirit of Hunter, the 19-year-old high school senior who purchased the box, he just MIGHT have saved a little life this week! Can we all be more like Hunter, please?

See video about the story, below.

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