New York Mayor Announced Residents Should Prepare For Shelter in Place Within The Next 48 Hours

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New Yorkers, I hope you are prepared! The city that never sleeps may be locked down. The final decision will be made within the next 48 hours.

Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York City said today that he was considering whether to impose a shelter in place order.

A shelter in place order requires that residents stay in their homes and keep outside social contact to a minimum.

The hope is that this will help slow down the spread of the coronavirus.

Several counties in the Bay Area, which includes San Francisco and Oakland have already been prohibited from leaving their homes for non-essential needs.

I don’t take this lightly at all. Folks have to understand that right now, with so many New Yorkers losing employment, losing paychecks, dealing with all sorts of stresses and strains, I’m hearing constantly from people who are tremendously worried about how they’re going to make ends meet.

De Blasio

With more than 8 million people, New York City currently has 814 cases of the coronavirus. They have also had at least seven deaths so far.

Please take this time to get yourself prepared. Not just for New York City, but all of us, especially if you live in or near a major city! I am just outside of Dallas!

I’m not saying to panic, I am not saying to hoard. Just be prepared. Take this time to pick up your medication refills. Pick up NEEDS, you do not need to be excessive, do not be selfish.

Check on your elderly and disabled neighbors. Help where you can! Some of these people may not be able to get themselves prepared for something like this. Help one another!

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