You Can Get a Polar Bear Hot Cocoa Bomb That’ll Make Your Cup of Hot Chocolate Beary Cute

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Ripping open a packet of chocolate powder to make hot cocoa is so last year.

Especially when you find bits of powder at the bottom of your mug or the spares that float at the top.

And considering there’s a new way to drink hot cocoa which includes an erupting shell of chocolate, we’ll never go back to the powder that once was the main way to drink hot chocolate during winter.

Thanks to Trader’s Joes, the way we make our hot cocoa just became more fun.

Courtesy of Walmart

Dubbed the Hot Cocoa Polar Bear, this melting hot cocoa bomb is coated in white and milk chocolate and filled to the brim with milk chocolate drop and even marshmallows.

Not to mention this polar bear even comes alongside a chocolate umbrella for even more chocolate to satisfy that sweet tooth.

Courtesy of Walmart

Coated in a white chocolate shell and dressed in a milk chocolate hat and scarf, this melting polar bear also has milk chocolate eyes and a milk chocolate nose.

Courtesy of Walmart

Simply pour one cup of warm milk in your favorite mug and gently drop the polar bear inside your cup of dairy.

Courtesy of Walmart

Watch the polar bear melt and split, releasing hot cocoa powder into your milk with an extra added chocolate taste from the polar bear itself.

Courtesy of @candyhunting

Once it’s completely melted, remember to stir; you can currently find the melting Polar Bear Hot Cocoa Bomb at Walmart this holiday season!

Courtesy of @candyhunting

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