Walmart is Selling Gingerbread and Christmas Tree Ice Cream Sandwiches Just in Time for the Holidays

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Klondike bar? No thanks.

Thanks to Walmart, gingerbread men in ice cream sandwiches exist for the holiday season which means you don’t always have to bake fresh dough to set out a full tray of gingerbread men.

Courtesy of Walmart

Better yet, Walmart has also decided that one Christmas tree isn’t enough to celebrate the holidays which means yes, they’ve also added ice cream bars shaped like Evergreen trees to their line of sweets.

Courtesy of Walmart

Although if you prefer gingerbread men for the Christmas season, these ice cream bars are stuffed with vanilla ice cream sealed with gingerbread cookies on either side to hold the dairy in place!

However, their Christmas tree ice cream bars come in three different flavors including mint, chocolate, and vanilla ice cream stuffed inside1

Courtesy of Walmart

You can expect both the vanilla and mint flavored Christmas tree ice cream bars covered in a chocolate shell while the stuffed chocolate one is sealed in white chocolate.

Courtesy of Walmart

You can currently find the Gingerbread Vanilla Ice cream Sandwiches stocked online at Walmart and in stores.

Courtesy of @dadbodsnacks

And you can also snag the pack of Christmas Tree Ice Cream bars also at Walmart this holiday season!

Courtesy of @SnackGator

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