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This Tree Stand Slowly Spins Your Christmas Tree So You Can Enjoy It From Every Angle

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There is a little device that can make your Christmas tree rotate, and you are going to absolutely love it!

When do you put up your Christmas tree? We usually opt for Thanksgiving evening, but I have so many friends who have put them up early this year.

No matter WHEN you put up your Christmas tree, you are going to totally want this Christmas tree stand that makes your tree slowly spin in circles.

It finally gives you a reason to decorate that BACK side of the tree. Ha!

Now, you DO have to us this Home Heritage Versatile Electric Rotating Stand Base with artificial Christmas trees, but they can be up to 9 feet tall and 120 pounds.

I love putting up an artificial tree, and then putting up REAL greenery — like a Holiday wreath made of Christmas tree branches. It’s less to try to keep fresh and green. *Laugh Emoji*

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Prelit trees work GREAT with this rotating base. You simply plug the lights into the top of the device, and let it spin. The cord will spin WITH the tree, so you don’t have to worry about it getting tangled up.

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Carefully crafted with the perfect mix of a tree to ornament ratio, adorned with glittering garland, with a shining star on top, your beautifully decorated Christmas tree deserves to be shown off with the Home Heritage Metal Rotating Christmas Tree Stand.


You can get your OWN Home Heritage Versatile Electric Rotating Stand Base on the Amazon website.

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It will cost you about $130 — with FREE shipping — and it is something you will use year after year!!

Courtesy of Amazon

If you are looking for an awesome artificial Christmas tree to go with this base, you can pick up a 6 feet tree at Walmart for just $22!!

Courtesy of Walmart

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