Science Says You Are The Happiest During These Two Years In Your Life

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Happiness comes at an age.

It seems like nowadays everywhere we turn we see a new way or product that promises to bring us happiness but what if, it had more to do with science?

According to a research study conducted by the London School of Economics and Political Science, there are two years where you will be the happiest in your entire life.

For the study, 23,000 German volunteers aged 17 to 85 were asked to rate their life satisfaction. Participants predicted how happy they would feel in five years, and then, after five years’ time, reported back on how they actually felt.

The results found that happiness tends to follow a U-shaped curve over an individual’s lifetime, with satisfaction reaching higher levels during the extremes of the study’s age range and swinging down with middle age.

What was interesting is that researchers found the two most important years when happiness peaks: ages 23 and 69.


“During young adulthood people expect their life satisfaction to increase strongly. With age, expectations decrease but remain above current life satisfaction until the late 50s when the two graphs coincide. Thereafter expectations remain stable while actual life satisfaction increases, indicating that people do not anticipate the increase in old age wellbeing. After age 75 expectations decrease, simultaneously with current life satisfaction. “


And that all seems to make sense. In our 20’s, we are full of energy and life. Then many of us get married, have kids, get our careers and thinks are a bit more stressful.

By 69, we’ve retired, raised our kids and are enjoying the rest of our lives so it makes sense the happiness peaks again at this age.

Certainly, this isn’t the only time to expect happiness in our lives but more of a boost?

Either way, if you are looking for more ways to be happy right now, check out our Happiness Challenge.

Oh and if you think that your happiness will never come or hasn’t peaked yet, keep this in mind!

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