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This Kids Book Has 500 Activities So Your Kids Will Never Be Bored Again

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The summertime can be both a blessing and a curse considering the hot weather brings on summer vacation which also means that school is out and sometimes, kids get bored.

A handful of brilliant woman have come together to create a big book of activities to prevent the inevitable complaint of “Mom, I’m bored.”

Including 500 projects that will surely get your kids moving, The Big Book of Kids Activities is divided into 4 parts with 19 subsections.

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Considering summer vacation is about 91 days long give or take a few depending on the school, The Big Book of Kids Activities will leave you more than several fun activities to conquer the next summer and the summer after that!

You can expect projects such as:

  1. Crafts
  2. Super Fun Crafts
  3. Slime
  4. Playdough
  5. Other Moldables
  6. Boredom Busters
  7. Learning Games
  8. Teamwork and Strategy
  9. Fantastic Reading
  10. Amazing Writing Adventures
  11. Make Math Fun!
  12. Magical Music, Art and Going Global
  13. Science
  14. The Best Science Experiments
  15. Science Games
  16. Rocket Science
  17. Space Exploration
  18. Backyard Activities
  19. Beetles, Bugs and More
  20. Salamanders, Snakes, Lizards, Toads, Oh My!
  21. Birds, Birds, and More Birds
  22. Flowers, Mosses, Ferns and Fun
  23. Backyard Ecology

You can currently pre-order the big book of fun on Amazon and when you do, you will also have access to over 100 pages of printable activities for kids and here’s how!

Courtesy of Amazon
  1. Pre-order The Big Book of Kids Activities anywhere it’s being sold such as AmazonBarnes & NobleBAM!Book Depository, and IndieBound.
  2. Snap a picture of the receipt or the receipt number and send proof of purchase to: kidsactivitiesbook@gmail.com
  3. Watch your email for your digital copy of The Big Book of Kids Printables!

Keep in mind that when you pre-order the book, it will be shipped directly to your house once it releases which is this year next month on May 11th!

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