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McDonald’s Has Stitch Toys In Their Happy Meals Right Now and Looks Like That’s What I’m Eating All Week

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Don’t judge me but I am about to eat McDonald’s Happy Meals all week.

Will it wreck my diet? Sure but look, all I am saying is, McDonald’s has Stitch Toys in their Happy Meals and do I really need to say more?

Stitch Lovers

It’s important to know that there are 8 different stitches to collect and instead of being plastic, they are like a little plush beanie baby!


There are 8 Stitches in total: Surfer Stitch, Experiment 626 Stitch, Cool Stitch, Sippin’ Stitch, Ukelele Stitch, Hula Stitch, Sittin’ Stitch, and Mischief Stitch.

Stitch Lovers

The Stitch toys are supposed to be in Happy Meals through March 7, 2022 but given how popular they are, I am sure they won’t last.

Stitch Lovers

I highly recommend calling your local McDonald’s and seeing if they have the Stitch toys in their happy meals right now.

Stitch Lovers

I cannot wait to collect them all!

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