Walmart is Selling Unicorn Ice Cream Cake and It’s Pure Magic

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I dare you to find a happier and prettier dessert than a Unicorn one… Seriously, Unicorn desserts are the best!

And now, Walmart is Selling Unicorn Ice Cream Cake and It’s Pure Magic!

The cake is described as ‘Marketside Unicorn Ice Cream Cake with Cake Batter Ice Cream with Confetti Cake and Icing’.

Um, YUM!

The bottom layer is confetti cake, the middle layer is a creamy pink and blue swirled, cake batter flavored ice cream and the top is a whipped frosting. Then the outside is generously covered in rainbow sprinkles.

The cake serves 12 so if you plan to throw a Unicorn party any time soon, it’s got you and your guests covered.

You can find this in your local Walmart store at the bakery and will cost you around $14.98

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