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Here’s How to Make The Water-Scrambled Eggs Everyone Is Talking About

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Did you know that you can cook scrambled eggs in water?

I know. It sounds weird. But, there’s no need for oil or butter.

It’s actually pretty genius.

I was today years old when I learned you can cook scrambled eggs in boiling water.

Azure MacCannell

If you’re wondering what they taste like, these eggs are described as a cross between poached eggs and egg drop soup.

Side Note: If you’ve never heard of poached eggs, it’s where you carefully crack an egg into boiling water. The result is an egg with a yolk that can be anywhere from runny to fully cooked — depending on how you like it.

These scrambled eggs are made kind of the same way.

First, you whisk up as many eggs as you want, beating them until they are well combined.

Then you swirl the water around in the pan. You want it to be right to the point of boiling, but not rapidly.

Don’t stir the water all willy-nilly, you want to make sure it’s all going in one direction — either clockwise or counter clockwise.

Next, you want to carefully drop the liquid eggs down into the swirling water.

They will immediately start to cook, and kinda float at the top of the water.

Now, you scoop the cooked eggs out of the water, and VOILA!

Fluffy scrambled eggs. You didn’t even need water or butter to help them cook.

This method is GREAT if you are on a diet, or perfect if you are watching your oil intake.

What do you think? Are you going to try this scrambled eggs in water method?

You can see a video of the entire process HERE.

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