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People Are Making “Banana Peel Tea” To Water Their Plants and It Is Genius

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Bananas are healthy for humans and plants, oh you didn’t know?

People like you and I aren’t the only benefactors from eating a banana, your plants outside, also crave the soft and yellow sweet snack.

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Banana peels and yes, specifically talking about what’s on the outside of a banana and not what’s in the inside, are comprised of nearly 50% of potassium which is an excellent source for compost and soil!

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As a result, people have been making “Banana Peel Tea” to water their plants with as a natural fertilizer.

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Starting with a handful of bananas, collect a few banana peels, stuff them in a clear glass jar and fill the jar with water, making sure all banana peels are fully submerged.

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You’ll want to soak the banana peels for a day or two before watering your plants with your homemade “banana peel tea”.

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Repeat the process when it’s time to water your plants again.

Keep in mind that when the banana peels start to decompose inside the jar and become slimey, it’s time to change the old banana peels with fresh ones.

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You should notice your plants start to perk up and putting out new growth after you hydrate your plants with the banana peel tea!

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